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120m HDMI extender over CAT5/5e/6
LKV373 This is the complete solution to solve the image mosaic, color distortion, transmission failure and other problems when HDMI signal long distance transmitted. Its the professional signal transmission system which combines the function of HDMI signal conversion,reception and reduction and designed for high quality HDMI video signallong-range extension of display system project, such as Big screen curtain wall advertising project, Industrial automatic control, Armamentarium, CCTV, Multimediainstruction and so on.

Functional Characteristics

HDMI network extension technology
LENKENG is the first manufacturer that converts HDMI signal to standard network signal to transfer long distance.

HDMI network distribution technology
The first HDMI extender + splitter function, you can connect 1pcs transmitter + Npcs Receiver

Support full standard HDMI 

LKV373 supports all HDMI features including full HD 1080p, deep color, lip sync. And the product also supports all high resolution.

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