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5X1 HDMI Switch with 4KX2K@60Hz
LKV501-V2.0 This 5x1 HDMI switch routes 5 different sources at resolution up to 4Kx2K@60Hz ultra HD to 1 HDMI display. The unit with 5 HDMI inputs,which makes this unit ideal for simultaneous connection of multiple HDMI devices,such as HDTV, set top box,DVD etc. It support IR and RS232 control.

1. Switch easily between any 5 HDMI source

2. Supports resolutions up to ultra HD 4KX2K@60Hz

3. Supports highest bandwidth up to 18Gpbs

4. Support HDMI 3D

5. Support IR control and RS232 control

6. Plug and play, easy to use
7. Good Compatibility

8. Metal heat sink design, works more stably

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