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1080p 60M Low Latency HDMI KVM Extender over CAT5
LKV371KVM This HDMI Extender is a solution for transmission and extension uncompressed 1080p@60Hz HDMI signal over a signal CAT5/5e/6 network cable. It includes a transmitter unit (TX) and a receiver unit(RX), working as a pair. Transmission distance is up to 60 meters with nearly zero latency. This HDMI KVM Extender canremote control the source device from receiver side via keyboard and mouse.This product is perfect for AV transmission in applications of HD conference system, HD video shooting, HD multimedia education system, HD digital advertising and signage etc.

1.  Support point to point connection

2.  Uncompressed and nearly zero latency

3.  Support resolution up to 1080P@60Hz

4.  Transmitter support one HDMI loop-out

5.  Support KVM function, remote control conveniently

6.  Transmission diatance up to 60m via CAT6 cable, 50m via CAT5E cable, 50m via CAT5 cable

7.  Can be powered by network cable and only transmitter needs power supply

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