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300M HDbitT HDMI Powerline Extender
LKV380 The LKV380 High Performance HDbitT HDMI over power line extender allow you to transmit 1080P HDMI signals anywhere in your home using existing Power Line cable, saving you the hassles of rewiring. It is a lower cost alternative to professional AV installation.

1.  Innovative HDbitT transmission technology over power line

2.  Support 1080P High-definition video, whole house coverage transmission

3.  No need rewiring, where there is power line, there is HDMI signal

4.  Compatible with 100~240V AC grid, can be used globally

5.  More stable and further transmission without radiation, easy to go through walls

6.  Innovative IR pass back function , perfect improved infrared remote control experience

7.  Automatically scan and pairing, no manual settings, plug and play

8.  Using the technology of AES encryption to ensure confidentiality of the data

9.  Build in HDMI loop out, simultaneously output local display and remote display

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