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20km HDMI Extender over optical fible cable with IR
LKV378 This HDMI extender extend the HDMI signal over single optical fiber cable to make the transmission distance up to 20KM, it supports IR pass back function.This is the complete solution to sovle the image mosaic, color distortion, transmission failure and other problems when HDMI signal long distance transmitted.

1. Input HDMI  resolution: 480i@60Hz、480p@60Hz、576i@50Hz、576p@50Hz、720p@50/60Hz、1080i@50/60Hz、1080p@50/60Hz

2. Output HDMI  resolution:  480p@60Hz、576p@50Hz、720p@50/60Hz、1080p@50/60Hz

3. Support video color  format: 24bit/Deep  color 30bit/Deep color 36bit

4. Max transmission  rate:  10.2Gbps

5. Connector Type:SC fiber optic

6. Transmission  distance: up to 20 km

7. Selling Points:  Support long distance HDMI signal transmission up to 20 kilometers 

8. HDMI network extender

9. IR Infrared synchronization technology

10. Support full standard HDMI specification

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