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  • LKV353 YPbPr+VGA+CVBS+Audio to HDMI Converter
    HD353 YPbPr+VGA+CVBS+Audio to HDMI1080P/720p Multi-portConverter with scaler *Input: 1 xVGA, 1 xComponent Video (Y Pb Pr),1 x Video; 1 x Stereo AUDIO (R/L);1x Audio; * Output: 1 x HDMI (720p/50Hz/60Hz,1080p/50Hz/60Hz) * real scaler function output is......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV391MINI MINI MHL+USB+VGA+AV+HDMI switch HDMI+COAXIAL multi-interface HD Converter
    HDMI+COAXIAL multi-interface HD Converter incorporates 5 audio/video channels,MHL,HDMI,VGA,AV and USB.With unique color Eye technology.It brings you a brilliant perform.......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV391N ALL to HDMI converter
    LKV391N The brand new LKV391N incorporates 8 audio/video channels, USB*2, HDMI*2, DVI*1, YPbPr+Audio*1 and AV*1. With Lenkeng unique Color Eye Technology, It brings you a brilliant performance, vivid image via HDMI output (extra 1*Coaxial audio outpu......
    Time:Dec 29,2016
  • LKV351PRO VGA+YPbPr to HDMI Converter
    LKV351PRO This VGA/YPbPr to HDMI Converter is designed to convertanalog VGA signal from PC or component signal (YPbPr) from component-enabledsource, such as: PS2, STB, DVD, HD player etc. to HDMI signal. It allowsyou to bridge the connection between ......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV323 HDMI UP|Down Scaler|HDMI Audio Separation|HDMI Audio Mixture
    LKV323 HDMI UP|Down Scaler This is a versatileHDMI to HDMI Converter Box , whichincorporates upscaler and downscaler, HDMI audioseparation and mixture , image show effects ( TB mirror, LR Mirror, Over Turn ) , HDMI image processing (RGB adjustment). ......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV391 All Video to HDMI Scaler & Switch(discontinued)
    LKV391 LKV391 All Video to HDMI Scaler Switcher is capable of switching between 9 sources, scaling any one of the sources up to HDMI. The output resolution is also selectable between 720P and 1080P. It converts signal from DVD player, Blu-ray Disc pl......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
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