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  • Matrix Controller
  • LKV364 SDI to BNC converter
    This product converts SDI signal to analog composite video signal and supports both PAL/NTSC output . It can separate audio from SDI to allowconnection with earphones or other sound devices and achieve to output image and sound at the same time perfe......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV368 SDI to HDMI Converter
    LKV368 SDI to HDMI Converter converts SD-SDI,HD-SDI,and 3G-SDI signal to HDMI and ensure high bit rates of 2.97Gb/s to give users fast signal transmission without any loss.......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
  • LKV368PRO SDI to HDMI HD Converter
    LKV368PRO Lenkeng LKV386Pro SDI to HDMI converter converts SDI signal to HDMI signal by Lenkeng new Color eye technology so that you can enjoy your favorite videos more vivid on HDMI displays. And the conversion chipset with technology can convert t......
    Time:Aug 02,2016
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