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LKV372 HDMI Extender over CAT5/6/7 cable up to 50m

LKV372 HDMI Extender over CAT5/6/7 cable up to 50m

LKV372 is a cost-effectove solution of HDMI Extender over CAT5/6/7 cable up to 40m. It is suitable for family use, and 50m transmission distance is enough for a family use. AndHDMI Extender over CAT5/6/7 cable LKV372 is also a good soluton for CCTV monitorying.

This is the complete solution to solve theimage mosaic, color distortion, transmission failure and other problems whenHDMI signal long distance transmitted. It's the professional signaltransmission system which combines the function of HDMI signal conversion,reception and reduction and designed for high quality HDMI video signallong-range extension of display system project, such as Big screen curtain walladvertising project, Industrial automatic control, Armamentarium, CCTV, Multimediainstruction and so on.

 -Apply M-Jpeg technique to process image compressing, and with little image quality loss;

-Support HDMI 480i 60HZ, 480p 60HZ, 576i 60HZ, 576 50HZ, 720p 50/60HZ, 1080i 50/60HZ, 1080P  50/60HZ;

-HDCP compatible;

-It can extend more than 50 meters by UPT-CAT5e or CAT6 cable;

-Power supply: 5V 1A.

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